Intezaar (v.) 

Intezaar (v.) waiting in hopeful anticipation.

Arriving in a new world is always scary, especially when it is completely different from the one that you know. It is also so exciting and filled with hope and anticipation. 

And let me tell you, India is truly a different world. I have been here for only two days, and already I am falling in love with another country. The food is delicious, the people are so friendly, and the places are bustling with energy.

The best part is the aura that surrounds the country. If you speak to anybody in India you will immediately know what I mean. Each person here has a pride for their country, but it extends to all people of all colors, beliefs, and religions. These people want unity. They celebrate a multitude of holidays and share a multitude of beliefs and nobody is against another because of what they think. Sure, there is unrest, but the people of India want to support one another and keep their country safe for each and every person. And really, I believe all peoples innately desire peace and unity, but it is taken on a different perspective here. 

If you’re curious what India is like, here is a simplified visual. Imagine Atlanta traffic during rush hour. Add bicycles onto your image of the highway, and also add multiple large crowds of pedestrians trying to cross. Basically, roads in India are a giant game of Frogger, except you’re on level 50 and the music is only car horns. Talk about deafening chaos…

India is filled with so much history that it seems near impossible not to have some sort of monument in sight. It is actually so beautiful in a unique way, and every corner is filled with another lesson to be learned. I wish there was more time so I could see it all! 

The people of India have made coming to a far away country so easy. In India, people of other countries are treated as visitors, not as foreigners. If you want to sit down and have a talk over some chai tea, just knock on your neighbors door. Also, they’re incredible cooks!

As for me, I am here on an internship with CFHI. It is focused on public and community health, and it will be made up of visiting and participating with different NGO’s around New Delhi. In our spare time we will be able to visit the country and see the makings of India’s culture. Today was our first day of the program, and we spent it at a sanitation center, Sulabh International. We toured the facility and learned all about the tremendous progress made by the efforts of the center, and also how sanitation fits into the ranking of India’s public health issues. 

The latter part of the day was spent at an Indian wedding – such an exciting experience and so worth the late night! The colors of Indian weddings are incredible, as are the dress, venues, foods, and the long-lasting traditions. It was an experience I will definitely never forget because of how awesome it was! 

It is only the beginning of the few days that I will spend in India, but I am looking forward to the places I’ll visit, the people I’ll meet, and the things I’ll learn. 

Pictures of the country:

Some wedding pictures:


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