Kefi (n.) 

kefi (n.) the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, high spirits and frenzy, in which good times and passion for life are expressed with fun.
(In Costa Rican terms, this would be the Pura Vida lifestyle.)

As my team and I sit here and wait to depart from Costa Rica, I am overtaken with so many different thoughts. After a two week trip of medical service to the underserved communities, I know for a fact that I have chosen the right path for my future.

This trip was different than any other that I have taken before, for it had a medical focus that was meant to care for those that cannot afford it. It was incredible, for some reasons that are obvious and for others that surprised me.

The obvious one is that I freaking love kids. Maybe it is because I am such a child at heart, but really their joy is just so contagious. I just want to hug and hold all of them!

The not so obvious ones are a little more difficult to explain, but here’s a shot at it.

Being a global health focused student and not having a pre-medical background, there is a different sort of perspective that I gained from this experience. It is the people that I wanted to get to know: their culture, their history, their language. The medicine aspect was so important, but in my mind I wanted to know why and how these things were so prominent in these communities.

And then I wanted so badly to create a solution.

This is so frustrating to me, the inability for me right now to help in such a way.

But that brings me to the word that I chose.

This trip may have caused a lot of frustration and uncertainty, but it made one thing crystal clear: I am so excited for my future and the path that I have chosen.

It is going to be so freaking fun and I am so excited to dive into the knowledge and the cultures and the languages of these places that I will go.

I am unsure about a lot, but I am sure about my direction, and knowing this gives me such excitement that I can barely hold it in any longer.

Also, Pura Vida is one of the coolest cultural ideas ever. Honestly everybody should live by it — who wouldn’t want to live by a phrase that means pure life?

After only two weeks of living the Pura Vida lifestyle, here is what it means to me:

There was so much to love and so much to learn, and there always will be! No matter where I end up, I look forward to doing what I can to love the people and learn the culture and serve however they need!


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