Ephemeral (adj.)

Ephemeral (adj.) lasting for a very short time.

FIRST BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING ELSE I have to post these pictures from kindergarten graduation because they are so dang cute.

Okay just had to throw those out there, back to the real blog…


25 days is a long time to be in a foreign country, but I am now learning that it isn’t near long enough to be home.

I had a few moments while being in Haiti that made me wonder why I had chosen such a long period of time to stay, but now that I am gone, I remember.

The past week has been filled with questions from the girls. They’ve all asked me one of three things:

1. Are you going back to America?

2. Will you be coming back?

3. When?

And there was the select few that asked me if I was going to cry (and even one that cried themselves when I told them I had to go home so soon.)

I think every time they asked me those questions my heart broke just a little bit more.

My time here had been amazing, but not near long enough.

I am going to miss everything about this place, because everything about it makes it unique. The good and the bad; I’m going to miss it all.

I’ll miss waking up to the ultimate trifecta every morning: vendors on the streets, children yelling everywhere, and the roosters who think everybody should get up at 4 AM.

I’ll miss watching soccer, and how even a popped, torn up soccer ball can make a bunch of kids work together and laugh like no other.

I’ll miss the neighborhood children that I met; most of them I couldn’t pronounce their names, but I could tell the language of their heart. I loved to see their faces brighten when they walked in the church on Sunday mornings or when we were able to share Jesus with them through songs and games. I will miss showing them what they look like through a camera lens, because they are all beautiful and often when they saw their picture for the first time it was a priceless moment.

I’ll miss walking around and seeing the girls from the House of Hope. I’ll miss figuring out what makes them happy and what makes them sad, and what things make each girl unique. I’ll miss watching how they always lend a hand to each other, never leaving another behind. I’ll miss trying to talk to them in their language, frequently making them laugh, and giving them hugs when I can. I’ll miss letting them do my hair and listening to them sing and watching them dance, and I’ll miss every moment I had with them.

Most of all, I’ll miss seeing their huge smiles and how their love for Jesus radiates.

I will miss being in the country that I love, the country that changed my heart forever. (But luckily, I will be coming back!!!)

I am leaving with a lot of things. I am leaving with pictures and souvenirs and gifts, but the most important thing that I am leaving with is a little bit of Haitian love.


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