Meliorism (n.)

Meliorism (n.) the belief that the world gets better; the belief that humans can improve the world.

The past couple of days I have been struggling with the thought of the world the way it is. 
It’s something really difficult to comprehend most of the time, but visiting a country like Haiti makes it possible. It is my fourth time being here, and it still makes me wonder how or why a place could be like this. But, following that, it inspires me to see how proud Haitians are of their country. It’s a perspective thing. The people here have seen death and despair like no other, and they have lived to tell their story, and their country’s story. 

The girls in the orphanage are the same way. The stories that they can tell are crazy, and every day before school they sing their national anthem loud as they raise the flag, and follow it by praying for the continued survival of their people and their country. 

Although in the scheme of things, our “world” seems better, but people here see their world as just as incredible. They don’t know any better. Yet if you happened to tell these kids that you wish they could go to America in place of you, they would flat out tell you that they want it for you instead, even if they will never get it. Others would say they would visit one day if they could, but they would always come back to their home.

From this I want to point out that the world does get better, and we are the ones that make that happen: not Americans, not Haitians, but all people. 

People can change the world, whether you believe it or not. My view of it is that if I have changed one person’s world, than I have changed a little bit of the entire world, and that’s enough for me. Who knows, that one life that is changed may change two more lives, and five after that, which could lead to thousands, then millions. 

It’s a chain reaction. 

It isn’t fair to not try if you think it is “impossible” to change the world. It isn’t fair to the lives that you COULD change if you did try, and the lives that they could change.

I am in awe of how proudly the people here fly their flag (or wear it) for their country, and it makes me just as proud to have a heart for it. 


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