Pábitel (n.) 

Pábitel (n.) a person that is fascinated by their fate and finds beauty in the simplest things.

Most people believe that ‘simple’ is an easy thing to understand. More than that, people desire it.

People want to be fascinated by the little things. To have a fascination like that is a blessing.

To see a simple smile and need nothing else, to be happy just by being with the people that surround you….

How does one ever get sad if that is what makes them happy?

These people are satisfied with the clothes on their back.

They are fascinated by the technologies we call simple luxuries.

A 9 year old girl at the orphanage got a hold of my camera yesterday, and this is what happened…


It was a huge vogue photo shoot with Haitian children (and a few objects too… My favorites are the ones where they are posing with this speaker…)

How candid. (& sorry about the quality, unfortunately I had to take pictures of pictures because the wifi wasn’t working very well.)

As nervous as I was to give her that camera, she was in love. Her smile never faltered, and neither did the rest of their bright faces.

They are fascinated with the things that we put aside, and they are joyful towards things that we turn a blind eye from.

This was her face the entire time. I couldn’t say no to that smile.

 How we can live in such a two sided world blows my mind. These kids are my whole world, yet they will never see the other side of the ocean. These few days that I get to spend here are the days that I get to spend home, filled with the joyful simplicities.



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