Querencia (n.)

Querencia (n.) where one feels at home.

It isn’t about a place. 

It’s about a people.

It’s about heart.

If traveling has taught me anything, it is that you can find home anywhere in the world. It could be in the richest nation or the developing world….

You find home where you find family. 

Family doesn’t have to be people of your color, your size, or your language. 

It is all about love.

Today at the school I met a ton of the kids and OH MY. 

I have never seen such beautiful smiles and such beautiful hearts. I would do just about anything for them if they asked with those smiles. How can you not with those faces! Man, give these kids a shot at the camera and they will give you a show all day if you want them too. (And how could you not smile seeing them in their adorable school outfits…..) 

I don’t know the story behind these kids, nor am I able to talk to them in their own language, but I know that they found a special place in my heart that they won’t ever leave. 

I mean, come on. They cannot get any cuter. 

We even got a peace sign thrown up here. Like how cool is he.

I have found a family in these kids that I could never find in anyone else.

And that is why I love Haiti and why I love the people here. It’s not often that you find a place overflowing with so much love that it is willingly given to every person around.

I hope that I can one day learn to have that type of love. 


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