Retrouvailles (n.) 

Retrouvailles (n.) the joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation; rediscovery. 

It’s been two years since I was here last, and it feels like I never even left. 

Tabarré, Haiti, a small town outside of Port-au-Prince. More specifically, the House of Hope orphanage, where girls up to 15 years old grow up and learn about the love of Jesus.

I am seriously in love with this place, and every time I come back I fall in love with it even more.

That’s not really possible but somehow it happens.

It causes a heart to smile to hear a little girl from a broken country hug you and say they missed you.

The country may be broken, but the hearts of these girls sure aren’t. The hearts of these girls are full of love and overflowing. 

I never forgot this, but the rediscovery was beautiful. 

As the 25 days I spend in Haiti begin, I am reminded of how much these girls have shaped me and taught me unconditional love. 

Blowup dodgeball, soccer shenanigans, and rooftop bonding; nothing makes me happier than spending days with these kids. 

(That and my new hair style… I mean who could pass that up) 

And of course little Widena is just as adorable as always… I mean I don’t think anybody else can pull off the snapchat filters this well… 

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip holds and how the girls steal my heart this time around. 


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